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  • Take Efficiency into Overdrive with New Omni Price Contract Override

    by Angela Melhus, Technical Support Team Lead | Jun 20, 2017
    With the latest versions of Omni Price on Dynamics GP 2013 R2, 2015, 2015 R2, 2016, and 2016 R2, you have the ability to override a Contract ID on the line item in Sales Order Processing. See how in this blog!
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  • Recurring Billing Application goes Live on Microsoft AppSource

    by Marketing, Rockton Software | Jun 13, 2017
    We are pleased to announce that Rockton Software’s Recurring Billing application is now live on the Microsoft AppSource. To view the complete listing, click here. Recurring Billing is the first business application for Dynamics 365 to be released from the Rockton Software development team.
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  • Lions and Cheetahs, Blue Hair – Oh MY!

    by Alicia Weigel, Technical Sales Team Lead | Jun 12, 2017
    All these things and more were part of my experience in Johannesburg, South Africa last month. More on my blue hair in a minute. The purpose of this great trip was to present at the Reignite GP conference – a first annual event put on by Braintree. Braintree is the largest Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in Africa, and just an all-around great group of people. They delivered a conference focused on GP users and their needs, and it was fueled with a passion for a product we all know and love.
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  • DEVIntersection 2017 - Recap

    by Shawn Strayer, Developer | Jun 07, 2017
    Has it been a year already? Guess it has. Actually 13 months to be exact since I was in Orlando for the last DEVIntersection. While the venue was the same and the Mai Tai just as refreshing, there were a few changes to the event this year. Billed as the intersection of tools and technologies, this conference had plenty of valuable content to help enhance your skillset.
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  • The Power of a Quick and Easy Product Install

    by Rockton Sales | May 30, 2017
    In the fast paced business environment, one of the main barriers to implementing a technological change is the assumed hassle of setting up the new system. We feel your pain! That’s why we’ve taken the stress out of the install process with our products!
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  • Using a custom SQL script to search in SmartFill using more than one word

    by Rhonda Sutliff, Product Specialist | May 08, 2017
    SmartFill makes searching for a specific record in Microsoft Dynamics GP super easy. But what do you do when you have a more complex lookup required or a custom table? In that case, you may create a Custom SQL Object to do what you need. SmartFill has information available on creating a Custom SQL Object.
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  • Create System Harmony with Segregation of Duties in Dynamics GP

    by Angela Melhus, Support Team Lead | Apr 26, 2017
    We’ve been tossing around the topic of segregation of duties within our team recently and one team member proposed a fun analogy. What if we explained segregation of duties within GP as if it were The Hunger Games! We’re not suggesting you throw all your GP users into the conference room and see who makes it alive. Rather, humor us and pretend for the next five minutes that you find yourself in Panem, the futuristic civilization created by Suzanne Collins in her book trilogy.
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  • Where in the World is the Rockton Software Team?

    by Elise Rooney, Marketing Specialist | Apr 10, 2017
    Spring has sprung and Dynamics GP User events are in full bloom around the country and worldwide! We’re looking forward to spending time with our valued Partners and customers in the coming months. We’re even going international, attending the first ever Dynamics GP User Group in South Africa. Take a look at the events are on our spring schedule, we may be coming to a city near you!
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  • Happy Fabrikam Day!

    by Rhonda Sutliff, Product Specialist | Apr 04, 2017
    I can't believe it is here. I feel like I have been waiting for it forever. It's been 10 years in the making, but finally, it's here: Fabrikam Day! I remember working at Microsoft and seeing this date in the sample company and thinking, wow, that day is so far away. I mean, we did see this day before in 2007 with The World Online, but 2017 just didn't seem real.
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  • Give a Support Team a Script Log in Microsoft Dynamics GP - Revisited

    by Jim Peliksza, Developer | Mar 16, 2017
    A couple of years ago I wrote a blog called, Give a Support Team a Script Log in Microsoft Dynamics GP. That blog outlined three methods for how to help your support technician help you troubleshoot your problem by providing them with the best script log. Since that blog was published, Rockton Software has added a new window to our products which further simplifies the process of creating a script log using two of the three methods mentioned in that original article.
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  • Work it Smarter, Make it Better, Do it Faster...

    by Elise Rooney | Feb 27, 2017
    We start almost every demo of our most popular product, SmartFill, by posing the same question to Dynamics GP users: How many times a day do you click on the magnifying glass icon? The reply is usually a jumble of responses which include, but are not limited to, “a lot” and “too many”, always accompanied by a chorus of moans and groans. Those frowns are quickly turned upside down when users see the time-savings SmartFill can provide
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  • Rockton has Fun in the Sun!

    by Elise Rooney, Marketing Specialist | Feb 16, 2017
    Another FUN-tastic Rockton Software retreat is in the books! For this installment of our annual winter retreat, the entire Rockton team descended on picturesque San Diego, California.
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  • Romantic Reporting with Dynamics Report Manager

    by Angela Melhus, Technical Support | Jan 31, 2017
    You may be thinking: Why is a company that develops accounting software talking about all this lovey-dovey stuff, and how does our product, Dynamics Report Manager (DRM), fit into this? Well, to quote the classic Beatles song, “All You Need is Love” when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and by golly do we love DRM. How do we love thee? Let me count thy ways!
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  • Are [BAD] Habits in Dynamics GP holding you back?

    by Angela Melhus, Technical Support | Jan 26, 2017
    We can all admit that bad habits seem to work their way into our daily routines, even when it comes to tasks in Dynamics GP. Well, we’re here with good news: it’s not too late to implement a few New Year’s Resolutions to quell those habits and enhance your day-to-day use of GP! Let’s break it down by activity in Dynamics GP.
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  • Announcing Rockton’s 2016 Partner of the Year Honors

    by Elise Rooney, Marketing Specialist | Jan 19, 2017
    Rockton Software celebrated another successful year in 2016, which was made possible by all of our exceptional Partners! We want to recognize a few of our Partners by name for their outstanding effort in 2016.
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  • New Year, New Tools!

    by Marketing, Rockton Software | Jan 10, 2017
    As we wish each other a Happy New Year, it’s easy to focus on one word from that simple three word phrase: new. New resolutions, new work-out routines, new adventures, new goals, etc. Here at Rockton, we didn’t want to miss out on the excitement that accompanies this time of year, which is why we’ve started off 2017 in the best way we could think of: adding new tools to our Dynamics GP Toolbox!
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  • Dynamics GP Toolbox to All, and To All a Good Night!

    by Elise Rooney, Marketing Specialist and Rockton Holiday Cheer Committee Chair | Dec 15, 2016
    This time of year is meant to be jolly, even when it comes to your Dynamics GP. Here at Rockton Software, we might be a bit biased, but we think we have the perfect gift that will provide happiness year-round for all the Dynamics GP System Administrators out there.
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  • Best Practices for Common Module Year-End Close in Dynamics GP

    by Cody Pierson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Prophet Business Group | Dec 07, 2016
    Can you believe it? The year is almost over, but before you get to pop the corks and make some resolutions (then promptly break them), you’ve still got to close your year in Dynamics GP. There are a lot of moving parts in a year-end close, so we’re collecting some of the tips, tricks and best practices from the Dynamics Community and Prophet’s robust Dynamics GP and accounting experience to save you some headaches.
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  • Save Time with the Price List Utility this Holiday Season

    by Angela Melhus, Technical Support | Nov 21, 2016
    With Black Friday, one of America’s most polarizing holidays only a week away, it seems like the ideal time to provide you with a time saving tip on pricing in your Dynamics GP! No waiting in line, no waking up at 3 am, and no screaming children involved—we’re here to help!
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  • Rockton Software Goes Green, Wins Award!

    by Elise Rooney, Marketing and Environmental Specialist | Nov 08, 2016
    In a small ceremony held last month, Rockton Software’s Lafayette, CO headquarters was recognized as a 2016 Lafayette Green Business Program Silver Award recipient.
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